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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Happy Holidays

Finally the time has come, and I'm off on leave today. Whohoo..

Wow. What a year, a birth of a beautiful baby, and the sad loss of a loved one, so in all a rather "entertaining" year. But I have to admit, that its been a exciting year,with so many lessons learnt.

I guess living at the beach doesn't count as going on holiday, cause you already on holiday, so I am going to relax for the next to weeks, in front of my TV, and drink loads and loads of beer.

So to everyone who reads this blog, THANK YOU. I promise I will try and blog more next year.
Have an awesome festive season, Drink lots but don't drive. And just be merry.

Have fun,

Friday, December 09, 2005

Web Blog Awards

I see its that time of the year again, where the International Weblog awards takes place.
They have a category for "Best Middle East or Africa Blog", which only includes 1 South African blog this year. It is a step up from last year, where I think we had none. Joblog highlighted this last year.

But what suprises me more is that its a relativley unknown South African blog called "The Fishbowl", first time I seen this blog (of which I have hundreds of South African Blogs), has cracked the nod in this category.
The Fishbowl lacks visual appeal, and the content is well boring. It has a standard blogger template, and has about 3 comments in the last 15 articles ??

I know my blog def doesn't match up to some of the other South African blogs we have out there, but surely the likes of Cherryflava, Joblog, Chumpstyle, SerenityDawn etc etc , the list could go on and on, could have easily cracked a nod in this category.

We looking forward to the South African Blog Awards, which thanks to Cheery Cherry we should have hopefully organised again next year.

Anyways, go vote anyways for The Fishbowl at "Best Middle East or Africa Blog", and lets get South African Bloggin onto the World map :)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

South African Mapping

Am most of you know, I am mapping befok. Still want my GPS for Christmas, but one day. Google Maps still leads mapping in my mind in the world, but locally we have a few options. Swoop used to be quite cool, but they seem to have stopped doing much. Now Brabys Mapping have come to the party. WOW. Developed by a local Durban Company, AAT, They do driving directions, which is a big plus in South Africa, and the maps are clear and concise. Only problem that I have is all the silly flashing advertising around the page, but hey I guess someone has to pay the bills.
Bookmark them; you never know when you have to have to drive down to durbz, who knows you may just never get lost again.

Monday, November 28, 2005

R.I.P Mom...

Eish, what a crap week I had. My mom passed away very suddenly last week Sunday. She had been in hospital for a Hernia operation, and things kinda just went downhill, and last week Sunday, I got the dreaded phone call. None of us were expecting us, so it was a huge shock. I have never been so upset in my whole life, and it was a mad rush to get myself to Pretoria ASAP. Kulula came to the party, and helped soo much. They checked our luggage in and allocated seats before we got to the airport, and they were amazing.

Last week consisted of a lot of hard unpleasant work, organizing all sorts of things. It’s someone I don’t want to wish on anyone, but it has to be done. So on Friday we had the funeral, which was very pleasant, and almost felt like closure. I know sometimes we all take our families for granted, but I learnt a big lesson this week, although my mom and I were quite close, we still had our ups and downs. I will never forget the last time I saw her 3 weeks ago, and I’m so happy for her sake she went peacefully.

I never got to tell her I love her, which I will regret. She knew I did, but it’s still a horrible feeling. I hope she is enjoying whatever she is doing now, and I will never forget her.

R.I.P Mom, I love you ;(

Thursday, November 17, 2005

She is getting Cuter & Cuter

9 Months Posted by Picasa

Google getting better and better

Once again “the Goog” has done it.
They have launched 2 new services in 2 days. WOW.

The first one is called Google Analytics. This is essentially a stat counter for your website, and shows you marketing values, as well as hits and all kinds of funky stuff. The one thing I really enjoyed, being a “geo-freek”, was a worldwide map showing you of where all your hits to your page come from. Very impressive. Take a look and see what you think.

The second is called Google Base. Another brilliant idea, which allows you to post classified adverts onto Google’s space. Not 100% sure if it will work in South Africa, but from what I have seen there are millions of things you can get here; Jobs, Recipes and anything else you can imagine.

Well I’m off to play Google Google….. (

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Some people are clever...

Came across this website today MillionDollarHomepage.com

Clever Dude. He sells 1 pixel for $1. He has a million pixels on his homepage, so do the maths.
Clever thinking...

Now if only I can think of something to make me rich....

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Boredom Surfing Rocks !!!

Over the last couple of days, I really haven’t felt like working, and aside from reading the hundreds of blogs I have on the right over here ->, I have been browsing the net.
Working for an ISP has its advantages, which allows fully fledged surfing, of which I take advantage of quite often.

So my blog today will be some of the cool things I have found over the last couple of days. Use them or don’t :)

First up in my blog last week, I was amazed at what Apple’s new offering in the iPod, the Video iPod. I was so marveled by this, I ordered myself one from Digicape. Eish, those spur of the moment things. Dunno how the bank manager is going to allow me this one,but eh, its an early Christmas present :).
Watch for the review in about 6 week’s time, once I get it.
I also downloaded the new version of iTunes, which is awesome. Again, still peeved that we can’t buy anything here in SA, so I went and found a new couple of tricks to get me going for my new toy.
First up I wanted to find out how I could convert .avi or .mpg files to .mov files so they can be played on the video iPod. And along came Xilisoft Video Converter. Wow. This thing can convert almost any video format to any video format. Amazing. Of course you need to buy it (cough cough). This had me more intrigued. Now I wanted to download videos to play. This is where Emule WOULD have come in handy, except it has become Shit over the last couple of months, and seems to have really slowed down.
Somehow I came across this page, which is a sneaky sneaky way of downloading music video’s from Yahoo Launch, and converting them into .wmv format. Brilliant. A little bit of work required, but hey. Well worth it.

One of the things required for it to work was something called PKLaunch, which required Greasemonkey for Firefox. WOW. What a cool little app is greasemonkey. It allows you to “install” customized javascript into webpages to make webpages easier to use. A perfect example is adding a delete button to Gmail.

Anyways, I converted a few vid’s and we will see how it goes.
I also came across a website called digg.com which allows users to submit stories and as people read them they get bumped up the list. Another Great site added to my RSS Reader.
From there I came across the world sunlight map. At the top of this site was a link to webcams, which has a collection of private webcams which are open to the public.

Now I think I better get back to work, otherwise I just may never be able to blog again…

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Playing Catchup

Why is South Africa so behind with the times?
I’m specifically referring to ITunes. I mean we have a growing number of IPods being bought here, and Apple have recently gone as far as opening a specialized Apple Shop in Cape Town, and even CherryFlava has covered this topic but it’s still irrititating ?
I still do not have my own IPod (yet!) (hint, hint), but they really have improved their offerings.

Yesterday they launched the new Video IPod, which allows you to download video’s from ITunes Music Store, and view them on your IPod. And Itunes 6 released yesterday, you can download episodes of Desperate Housewives, Lost etc etc.

All very cool, If you live in UK or USA :( Sad…

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Change is as good as a Holiday !

I keep reminding myself I need to start blogging properly. No more posts every month or as I feel like it. So I have taken the first step. Changing the way my blog looks, while it may not be a very big change, and all people who use rss readers will notice a difference, I think it looks cool. I headed on over to http://blogger-templates.blogspot.com/
and got me this cool template. What you think.
More posts to come...I Promise ;)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Tony Hawk

In life, there are couple of things you just have to do.
I'm no skateboarder. In fact I think the last time I was on a skateboard was when I was about 8. And thats a looong time ago. Now, I think my beer collecttion in my stomach prevents me from even seeing the skateboard below me :)

But like I say in life, there are some things you need to do. Which I did on saturday, and took meself off to Gateway to see Tony Hawk and crew. WOW. I'm pretty sure almost every person has heard of this super dude, and boy can he skate. He had a few other guys with him, but he totally rocked.

Gnarly Dude :)

Pics to follow shortly

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Google Blog Search

Google have launched a new service today called Google Blog Search, which will do searches of all blogs out there. Technorati.com has been doing this for a while, but me thinks googles offering will be a much better one. You can even subscribe with an RSS or Atom feed to the search results. Pretty nifty.

Now, I wonder what the blog search has been saying about me, or my satelliteza (eish, not very much, except for myself)

Friday, September 09, 2005

A post...Whohoo

I have been BAD with my Blogs. I know I always say, I’m going to start posting, but I never do. Eish, it’s bad.

I said in my last post I would post more on Google Talk, and I didn’t and I suck.

Well now I am, and I have played I really haven’t been overly impressed. It is a really basic Instant messenger that allows you to do voice chat, but definitely doesn’t match up to skype for VoIP or for MSN for IM. It has a very basic user interface, and seems to be very basic, with the options and features.

But as always with any Google product, I’m almost sure it’s going to get better. And I’m pretty confident that one day, Google is going to take over the world, kinda like Microsoft did in the 80’s.

I still stand by my favourite, Google product, Google Earth, and have decided to update my SatelliteZA Blog with some new links I have found for Google Earth thanks to my “Earth Hacking Rival” Michelle.

Now off to find me some more places to visit :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google Talk

Google has finally revealed what many have been speculating about for years.
Welcome Google Talk. Based along the lines as a combo of MSN messenger and Skype, it integrates Voice & and Messenger protocols into 1.

Could be a very interesting product seeing as Google has now pretty much matched Microsoft in all areas except for the Operating system.

You need a GMail account for it to work on your pc, and if you don’t have one of those yet, where have u been :) (or you can just leave me a comment, and I will give you 1)

More to come once I have played a bit more :)

Friday, August 05, 2005

What Drugs do to you...

Last year in April a very close friend of ours, was murdered. It came as a huge shock to us, when we found it was her Husband that killed her, with a Spade !!!.

It made quite a few headlines,
First it started out as "Pta couple disappear"
then -> "'Missing' woman dead"
and finally the fucker went to court -> "Pta murder: Husband in court"

What makes this story so sad is that there was a 3 year old child involved, which apparently he saw the whole thing taking place..

The fucker has now applied for bail, and claims that the Drug Lords killed his Wife (Another similar story on iAfrica)

In the latest story, he claims the drug lords went in and killed his wife. CRAP. I know this is bullshit. But when he went back to kill the drug lords (yea, right), he felt the need to smoke some more crack, and ended up in an "orgy of cocaine smoking". Go figure.

I really can't believe that people can think up shit like this, Seriously.

Anyways, the trial starts on the 13th of September, and hopefully the fucker will be put in Jail, and get to share a C-Max cell with his china Donavon

U2 in SA ?

A chap by the name of "Bono van de Merwe from Obz" has decided it would be nice to see U2 back in SA later this year, and has decided to start a petition of sorts, that allows you to voice your opinion on seeing U2 in SA.

Get in on the action and Sign up Here

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Google Moon ?

Google has done it again.
In line with their google maps, they have gone and mapped the MOON ??
Welcome to google moon.

Today is the 36th Anniversary of the landing of Apollo 11 on our nearest celestial neighbours shores, and Neil become the first chap to bounce around on the moon.

Google seem to be getting better and better at the new crazy ideas...

Careful not to zoom in to far ;)

Thursday, July 14, 2005


I think I'm getting good at this, 3 blogs in 1 Day...whoohoo

After my post on Monday about blogging, I have come across a few more South African Blogs, which have been added to my BlogRoll on the right.

These additions are Mainly thanks to Aquila's new blogs post.

If you have an SA blog leave me a comment, and I will add it to my proudly SA blogroll :)

Groen Knopie

Somebody forwarded me this Ringtone today.
It's in MP3 format, and I spat coke out onto my keyboard it was so Funny.

Download it here, and take a listen :)

Greatest Reward on Earth...?

Fnb & eBucks.com have announced an awesome new competition...

Win a trip to space...

What a cool idea. Brilliant marketing, cause I'm sure almost everybody has thought about going for a jol in space (LSD excluded :) )

"The competition is open to all eBucks members who are also FNB customers. Entry into the competition is automatic."

If you haven't got an eBucks and FNB account, I think you should get one...soon

I'm off to spend some ebucks, promise I will blog from space ;)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I don't like ranting and complaining, in fact I despise it. I let people do thier jobs, but get really pissed when people don't do it properly.

So I apply for another contract with CellC Direct.

  • Kiff, I should get the new Phone for the wife soon.
  • Wait 1x week, thinking surely something should have happened by now.Um, nothing.
  • Phone Cell C Direct....."
  1. No Sir, your contract has been declined.
  2. "Um, ok. Could you please tell me WHY my contract has been declined ?"
  3. No sir, we cant tell you. Please phone ITC -Start thinking, have I being blacklisted, and why ? Shit in pant.-
  4. Ok, phone ITC, no sir, you have to go online, and get a credit profile.
  5. Go to ITC website, do credit profile(which is very cool by the way), pay my R25 and check through.
  6. Hmm, everything looks good here. No judgements, no nothing. Eish.
  7. Fuck this, im tired of licking your ass.So I go to hellopeter.com and log my rant."
This morning, get a call from a kind young lady at Cell C(Lerato, which coincedently they have 11 Lerato's working at Cell C in the customer Services Department), asking about my rant. I explain the whole story to her, and eventually she sorts it all out. Yey...

So thats my rant, thankfully I think every company has to have at least 1 person who knows what they doing, otherwise this world would be an awful place.

Hellopeter.com is a great website. Both times, that I have logged a problem on it,
the respective companies have come back to me quite soon, and sorted the problem out. Any ranting you need to do about anything, get on over there. It works.

Monday, July 11, 2005


I have giving much though to my blogging existence, or the lack there of, and have decided to pull my finger out of my Ass, and get blogging.

After doing a bit of my Monday Morning browsing of the net, I was goign through one of my Favourite SA sites, TashiTagg.com

This site is really an awesome South African Site, and they generally cover Reality TV and the sorts. They cover Survivor, The Apprentice South Africa and my fav, The Amazing Race. Its quite nice to go to a local site, after every episode, without getting spoilers of who won the Race, seen as US is so far ahead of us with these programmes.

Anyway, back to the point, on the TashiTagg site, they have a really cool forum. Never been one to post in forums, I read through them Daily, and came across one topic, called "Do you Blog ?"
Suprisingly there were quite a few people, who didn't know what blogging was, or thought it was a swear word :)

Out of the woodwork, there seem to be quite a few more South African bloggers out there, so After reading Aquila's Post on New South African Bloggers this morning, I decidd to add another 3 That I found in the Forums.

And now for me to think of some stuff to blog....

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I been tagged....

Eish, so it would seem a few more people are taking notice at what a pathetic blogger I am, so when I saw Michelle had tagged me, I thought I better do what needs to be done...so here goes...

Three screen names I've had: Gump, Gumpie,Marc(very original)
Three things you like about yourself: Humour, Friendly, ummm
Three things I don't like about myself: Weight, Weight, Weight
Three parts of my heritage: I have never found out anything interesting about heritage, I do recall something about my great gandfather having some connection to Ghandi, if that counts.
Three things that scare me: Small insects, creepy crawlies and spiders
Three of your everyday essentials: Wedding ring, Cellphone and wallet (even though its always bare)
Three things you are wearing right now: shoes, shirt & pant (jeanpant)
Three of my favorite songs: She says(Cutting Jade), Crazy over you(Zen Arcade), Mr Jones (Counting Crows) and tooo many more to mention
Things I want in a relationship: I got everything, and more !!
Two truths and a lie: In no particular order-> I still sometimes send my ex an sms... I once accidentley bumped into someones car and didn't tell them...I have tried drugs...
Three things I can't do without: Cellphone, Internet, My Daughter
Three places you want to go on vacation: Singapore, Disneyland, Dhubai
Three things you just can't do: Sing(I do try), Run (fast), swim in the sea(too sticky)
Three kids names: Mykae, Layla& Kayton
Things you want to do before you die: Bungee jump off bloukraans, Travel round the world, go on a cruise
Three celeb crushes: Kirsten Dunst, hmm I can't think of anyone, except her...aahh..
Three people you want to know these things about:
Rich...! from Jo'Blog - seen as he made the last comment on my blog
Ekapa - Nice Intersting Guy
The Salami from splattermail - Now this is where things could get interesting ??

Google Maps - Sightseeing SA

I Have decided that with all the cool google maps posts (from commentary guys, and cherryflava) goign on here in SA, it was high time for oue own "google sightseeing" tour in SA. So I have created another blog called Satellite ZA

Anyone can mail me some cool South African Landmarks, which I will attempt to add to the blog on a daily basis. You can mail me on satelliteza@gmail.com and I will try and post the landmarks....

See you on the maps... :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Google Maps Goes Global...

Ok, I suck. I have been rather slack and when Rich...! from Jo'Blog commented on my last post that I hadn't posted anything since May, I offically felt bad. So for the last few days, I have been trying to think of something to post, nothing...Nadda...Eish

Until I recieved this blog post from Google Sightseeing this morning, in my bloglines notifier. So I took a look around and chanced my arm with looking for South African Sattelite Maps. And what do You know....they are there...Amazing...Well not all of them are in Hi Res, so they not all that clear, but still its a step forward, which hopefully means Google Maps will eventually cover South Africa. I know I seem to be a google maps freak, but they are seriously amazing...

Some places in SA, I found so Far....

Durbz by de See (Not that great pic Quality, but you can still identify most things)
Pretoria, which is High - Res, which means you can zoom right down to street level, and even seem the Hollowed fortress of Loftus
Cape Town also seems to be a not so great with the Resolution, and the table cloth defenitley seems to be on top of table mountain ?

If anyone else comes across some cool places, leave a message in the comment...

Friday, May 27, 2005

'Penis-pulling' wife dies

News24 reports that the Penis-pulling wife died after jerking her husband's chain 1 to many times.
Shame poor guy...

"He is very remorseful. They have a child. But he could not bear to be woken up like that any more..."....I dont blame the poor oke...


Monday, May 16, 2005

Bullle !!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sorry to have to do this to all you Cape Town boys, but did u see that.
75-14, eish I'm sorry but that had to be the best game I have seen in a long long time.

Now hopefully, the crusaders will be making a hash of things, and then I think I will definetly be joining the Chump Boois at Loftus for the final of finals...

Go Bulle....

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Google Maps....again

Im Really fascinated with google maps, especially since they have added the sattelite imagery to the US maps. Trust some clever okes to see what they can find in the US. They even found Michael Jacksons Neverland !!!
Some intteresting sites for "google travelling":

Interesting Google Satellite Maps
Google Sightseeing Blog
Google Globe Trotting

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Google Does it again

Google has just launched Google Maps UK
So if you looking for a pint in norwhich or a sex shop in london, you know where to go.
No satellite Images yet, but know google, they will have them soon I'm sure.

We can only hope that one of these days South Africa will be included...*sigh*

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hate SA ?

Came across this news article in the daily news here in Durbz yesterday.

I'm quite cheesed that someone can actually go and set up a website about hating a country. I haven't even bothered to find out what the website address is. All I can say to the punk is....F*&K you buddy...You suck...SA Rules...

Google Video Upload

Google have come up with another Brilliant Idea...Google Video Upload.
They now allow you to upload your videos in any format, and users can search and even purchase them later...WOW

I would just be worried about the salami searching for amateur porn videos....eish...

Thursday, April 07, 2005

New Pic's

Ahh, the bubba is getting old...some new pics...
2 Months Pics

Friday, April 01, 2005

F Fiing Martinengo

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This picture of the new F & Martinengo Show on 5fm looks really dodgy...
That smile on IanF's Face makes me wonder what they really do during the advert breaks ?

Need a Ride ??

Google just carries on amazing me...

Now they launched Google Ride Finder
You can see where any taxi currentley is in most Major US city's.
Need a ride in New York ?

Not that this would help us in any way in South Africa, but got me thinking that we would definetley need more maps if we had to plot where all the taxis's in South Africa were currentley...

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ironic ?

From News24.com
"On this day
Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd's Nationalist Party wins a whites-only election in South Africa."

"Zimbabweans are going to the polls in landmark elections that President Robert Mugabe hopes will tighten his ruling party's 25-year grip on power."

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Robot saboteur 'deserves death'

"The death penalty would be too mild a punishment for people who tamper with traffic lights, said the Christian Democratic Party..."
Robot saboteur 'deserves death'

Um dewd, get a life...(excuse the pun)
Serioulsy thinking of giving some dork who fucked around with street light(robot) a life sentence...There are rapists, muderers, thiefs and a whole lot of other riff raff in this country, but u reckon the dude who messed the robot, should die...

Serius ??

Thursday, March 17, 2005

SA Blog awards

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Tonight is the night where the winners of the SA Blog Awards will be chosen.
Events happening in Joburg, hosted by the Joblog boys and one in Cape Town Hosted by CherryFlava.

Have fun guys, pity nothing planned yet for Durbz this year, I think due to the fact thier aren't to many bloggers here, but Next year, we will definetley make a plan.

Get very high...

Came across this new SA blog today about 2 guys trying to set a new SA Hot Air Balloon Altitude record -> Two get very high

Turns out the one pilot is Lev David from East Coast Radio here in Durbz.
Could be interesting one to watch, so keep an eye on this blog..

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Samsung D500

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ahh, I love every 2 years, even though its a wait, it means Vodacom UPGRADE Time.
So this year I opted for the new samsung SGH-D500
WOW...Is all I can say. It was a toss up between the Sony Erricsson S700i, I decided to take the D500.
And I'm really impressed. This is one of samsungs first phones with Bluetooth support, and after getitng me a new dongle, It works like a bomb. The only thing that you can't do, is upload Java Games. But I searched far and wide and Im glad to say that I found some real boffin, who decided to share his secret of how to do it.

Still got lots of playing to do, but if I come across anything interesting, I will make sure I blog it first :)

Here's to another 2 years of waiting :)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bill Gates to get Knighted

Aww, how sweet...
Bill Gates Meets The Queen

NOT !!!

I still wonder what the use of this is, except he can't even be called SIR in the states, and can only use the title K.B.E. (Knight Commander of the British Empire) in the states.

Shame...whats the use dork ?

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

How to become a Jew...

The boys over at splattermail have requested you support MTN by phoning them and listening to the funniest thing I have eard all year.
Ok, only kidding, We dont have to support MTN anymore if we dont want to cause I have the wav file in my possesion...Yeahaa...

TO download the funny Indian Jew wanna be, click HERE

Have Fun :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Rate my...

After reading one of the best blogs for the day all about rating thongs & mullets, now comes a new

WARNING --- Not for the Faint hearted

Rate My Poo !!!

Have fun...NOT ~!

I just had to...

Isn't she cute ??

powered by IMHO 1.2

Monday, February 14, 2005

The Irony...

Cleary BMW cleary didnt have a South African working on their team when then came up with the Idea for a BMW 530 D

[UPDATE]:Made the image smaller, It looked shyte in Firefox

Warning labels on booze

Just read on News24 that the trusty goverment is planning on putting warning labels on Booze.

Just another fanfuckingtastic idea by our trustworthy goverment. Nice one...

Except do you really think that we gonna be SOBER enough to look and be able to read the warning labels, once we are so pissed and legless ?? Go figure.

Some of the "suggested" warning labels include...

  • Alcohol may impair your driving. Don't drink and drive. -> Um, my car goes just dandy when I'm pissed, thanks...
  • Don't drink and walk in the road - alcohol kills. -> Please see above, I dont walk when I drink, I DRIVE
  • Alcohol may increase personal injuries. -> I have never cut myself once while pissed, never even stubbed a toe..sooo
  • Alcohol leads to violence and crime. -> I once saw a woman in Cape Town beating up her husband, must have been the plonk ?
  • Alcohol abuse endangers your health. -> Hey, I'm still halthy. I finished a Case on Friday, and i'm here to tell the tale. Ok, maybe the boep is a give away, but I can still run, sometimes.
  • Alcohol is addictive. -> No shit Sherlock...Thats why Im still pissed...
  • Using alcohol during your pregnancy could be detrimental to your unborn baby. -> Fok dit, my baby was born almost 3 weeks ago, and she is doing just Dandy, THANKS...
Eish, I think I need a drink...

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Google Maps

Hosted by Photobucket.com

I am and always have been a big fan of Google.

But thier latest addition to thier stable Google - Mapsis awesome. Its such a pity that it only it only searches maps in the US, and we can only hope it eventually gets worldwide and maps South Africa to. Imagine how awesome that would be.

But if you ever hungry in New York, and feel the need for Pizza just Click Here, or if you need a it of Gratification in Chicago Click Here, Or Even some Home Loving, click Here

Brillianr Stuff...

Page 3 Girl

For those of you that have been to the UK, i'm pretty sure you must have read The Sun Daily Newspaper.
Luckily they have a page 3 included in their news paper(like most do), which from time to time, exposes 1 one luurevely Lady. Today they have chosen the lovely Keeley from Bromley.

Ahh...the life...

p.s. To see more go here

New SA Blog


This is 1 hilarious blog, Big up guys...Just my kind of humour...

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I suck

I officlaly suck, I havent posted anything in over a week, but its been hectic here.
Promise I will try and find some interesting crap later this week

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Gmail Invites

I got 50 more Gmail invites today...

If anybody wants one...mail me at marcforrest@gmail.com

Cutting Jade - Angels in the Afterglow

My boyz (girl) from Cutting Jade have recorded a single for the Music For Relief Fund for the Tsunami vicitims. The Single is Called 'Angels in the Afterglo'.

It Feautures guest vocals from Tweak, JoDay and Soul Proxy
The single should be available for Download soon, but to hear a clip go here :

Angels in the Afterglow Sample

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Is Google Planning a VoIP Service?

Is Google Planning a VoIP Service?

Nice Idea this, with Ivy finally giving us the Nod for VOIP to be legal in South Africa, sounds like Google could have a trick up their sleeve with regards to VOIP. Sounds kinda something along the lines of Skype me thinks...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My New Babe

My New Babe...Born yesterday.
I think she is gonna grow up to me a model...

More pics @ www.forrest.za.org/Mykae

Google Video Search

Ahh, very cool...this is amazing and I have no Idea what google will do Next. Google is the new Microsoft...(except the don't have ol william)
Pity this mostly only works on american TV Programmes, but I'm sure with time, it will grow, like it seems to do.

Google Video Search

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Welcome to the world baby Mykae Forrest

Just to let you know that Marc and Les have had a little baby girl this morning at 9:25 am. She is a 2.970 kg 54cm 10 toes and 10 finger little bundle of joy.

Congratulations to the both of you.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Another Shyte Day in Africa !

Ahh, I love the sunshine...

Courtesy of Vodacom

Ta Ta Ma Bye Bye

Quite a funny joke I received recentley...

"Staff from a Johannesburg company decided to pull a practical joke on

their boss who had a habit of playing serious jokes on everyone else.

While having dinner at a restaurant in Rosebank, the boss
went to the toilet, and they went through his wallet and found his Lotto
Ticket. Then, they wrote down his numbers and called over the waitress
to set up a little prank.

She came back half an hour later and asked if anyone wanted to know the
evening's Lotto winning numbers then proceeded to read them out aloud,
before setting the numbers on the table. The boss looked at the numbers,
then casually pulled out his, from his wallet and compared them.

He became really silent, put his wallet back in his jacket and sat down
again, and checked the numbers, very, very carefully. Then, he sculled
his drink, and checked his numbers again.

He stood up in his chair and shouted out to the whole room, "I just want
to let you all know something. I've been having an affair with my
secretary for months. I don't like any of you, and I have hated working
for this company. I've never put forward any of your requests for
raises. You can all go to Hell, cause I've just won a load of money, and
I'm leaving."

tata ma chance...

tata ma job...

tata ma marriage... "

Eish dude....sorree...!!

Friday, January 21, 2005

when traffic can be a serious problem...

impressive (about 1 mb download)

Bushy's 2nd Term

So Ol George has been sworn in again Yipee !!! (note :*sarcasm*)

Watch this flash movie of what they yanks think he is goign to get up to this round : Jib Jab's Second Term on Yahoo!

Spongebob SquarePants is a MOFFIE !!!

"Christian Conservative groups have issued a gay alert warning over a children's video starring SpongeBob SquarePants, Barney and a host of other cartoon favourites"

According to This report on IOL Songebob Squarepants is a Moffie ??

Right, Barney is a moffie, we all know that. But Spongebob Squarepants....No ways...Me thinks maybe he is just metro sexual

Maybe its just me, but I like ol spongebob ?? E-Online debates this horrid question a bit further for us...

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Rocky is Back !!!

This is hilarous...

Rocky is Back !!!

Jo'blog: Du'r Blog - Inspired by Jo' Blog

Jo'blog: Du'r Blog - Inspired by Jo' Blog

Right, so I am offically found.

I never actually though the dudes from Jo'blog or anyone would find this, but they did. The reason I havent actually blogged yet, is because I admit, I am lazy.
So I'm definetley goign to try now and blog a bit more.

Thanks guys for the link...