. Durbz Blog: August 2006

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So Close

So I ordered the book by Tertia from So Close Blog, that I wrote about the other day. And what a book.


This is truly heart wrenching stuff; with loads of humour added in. It's amazing that such a "sad" story can also make you smile. It recounts Tertia and her husbands journey through 9 (NINE!!!) IVF's, with sometimes unpleasant results, and finally a bundle of joy. It even bought tears to my eyes ;)

I would really recommend this book to anyone. Young, old, if you have kids, or not...anyone. It really is brilliant. Well done Tertia, hope we get to see a follow-up sometime with the rest of your life story, it could only be entertaining.

You can order the book from Kalahari.net or Loot.co.za

Friday, August 11, 2006

Cool little excel tip

I'm an excel fundi.( I claim to be one :))
I love excel and love learning new things about excel.
But came across this awesome tip today that allows you to make graphs in your cells, using the =rept() function in excel. Quite simple, yet very effective.
Check it out at JuiceAnalytics

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What is a blog ???

In my moment of silence over the past few months, I have come across some very interesting sites. One of which I check out everyday. It's called bLaugh, and has some witty comics daily all net related. Todays one is I can relate to very well. So many people still DON'T know what a blog is.
Senior Netizens