. Durbz Blog: August 2005

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google Talk

Google has finally revealed what many have been speculating about for years.
Welcome Google Talk. Based along the lines as a combo of MSN messenger and Skype, it integrates Voice & and Messenger protocols into 1.

Could be a very interesting product seeing as Google has now pretty much matched Microsoft in all areas except for the Operating system.

You need a GMail account for it to work on your pc, and if you don’t have one of those yet, where have u been :) (or you can just leave me a comment, and I will give you 1)

More to come once I have played a bit more :)

Friday, August 05, 2005

What Drugs do to you...

Last year in April a very close friend of ours, was murdered. It came as a huge shock to us, when we found it was her Husband that killed her, with a Spade !!!.

It made quite a few headlines,
First it started out as "Pta couple disappear"
then -> "'Missing' woman dead"
and finally the fucker went to court -> "Pta murder: Husband in court"

What makes this story so sad is that there was a 3 year old child involved, which apparently he saw the whole thing taking place..

The fucker has now applied for bail, and claims that the Drug Lords killed his Wife (Another similar story on iAfrica)

In the latest story, he claims the drug lords went in and killed his wife. CRAP. I know this is bullshit. But when he went back to kill the drug lords (yea, right), he felt the need to smoke some more crack, and ended up in an "orgy of cocaine smoking". Go figure.

I really can't believe that people can think up shit like this, Seriously.

Anyways, the trial starts on the 13th of September, and hopefully the fucker will be put in Jail, and get to share a C-Max cell with his china Donavon

U2 in SA ?

A chap by the name of "Bono van de Merwe from Obz" has decided it would be nice to see U2 back in SA later this year, and has decided to start a petition of sorts, that allows you to voice your opinion on seeing U2 in SA.

Get in on the action and Sign up Here