. Durbz Blog: June 2005

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I been tagged....

Eish, so it would seem a few more people are taking notice at what a pathetic blogger I am, so when I saw Michelle had tagged me, I thought I better do what needs to be done...so here goes...

Three screen names I've had: Gump, Gumpie,Marc(very original)
Three things you like about yourself: Humour, Friendly, ummm
Three things I don't like about myself: Weight, Weight, Weight
Three parts of my heritage: I have never found out anything interesting about heritage, I do recall something about my great gandfather having some connection to Ghandi, if that counts.
Three things that scare me: Small insects, creepy crawlies and spiders
Three of your everyday essentials: Wedding ring, Cellphone and wallet (even though its always bare)
Three things you are wearing right now: shoes, shirt & pant (jeanpant)
Three of my favorite songs: She says(Cutting Jade), Crazy over you(Zen Arcade), Mr Jones (Counting Crows) and tooo many more to mention
Things I want in a relationship: I got everything, and more !!
Two truths and a lie: In no particular order-> I still sometimes send my ex an sms... I once accidentley bumped into someones car and didn't tell them...I have tried drugs...
Three things I can't do without: Cellphone, Internet, My Daughter
Three places you want to go on vacation: Singapore, Disneyland, Dhubai
Three things you just can't do: Sing(I do try), Run (fast), swim in the sea(too sticky)
Three kids names: Mykae, Layla& Kayton
Things you want to do before you die: Bungee jump off bloukraans, Travel round the world, go on a cruise
Three celeb crushes: Kirsten Dunst, hmm I can't think of anyone, except her...aahh..
Three people you want to know these things about:
Rich...! from Jo'Blog - seen as he made the last comment on my blog
Ekapa - Nice Intersting Guy
The Salami from splattermail - Now this is where things could get interesting ??

Google Maps - Sightseeing SA

I Have decided that with all the cool google maps posts (from commentary guys, and cherryflava) goign on here in SA, it was high time for oue own "google sightseeing" tour in SA. So I have created another blog called Satellite ZA

Anyone can mail me some cool South African Landmarks, which I will attempt to add to the blog on a daily basis. You can mail me on satelliteza@gmail.com and I will try and post the landmarks....

See you on the maps... :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Google Maps Goes Global...

Ok, I suck. I have been rather slack and when Rich...! from Jo'Blog commented on my last post that I hadn't posted anything since May, I offically felt bad. So for the last few days, I have been trying to think of something to post, nothing...Nadda...Eish

Until I recieved this blog post from Google Sightseeing this morning, in my bloglines notifier. So I took a look around and chanced my arm with looking for South African Sattelite Maps. And what do You know....they are there...Amazing...Well not all of them are in Hi Res, so they not all that clear, but still its a step forward, which hopefully means Google Maps will eventually cover South Africa. I know I seem to be a google maps freak, but they are seriously amazing...

Some places in SA, I found so Far....

Durbz by de See (Not that great pic Quality, but you can still identify most things)
Pretoria, which is High - Res, which means you can zoom right down to street level, and even seem the Hollowed fortress of Loftus
Cape Town also seems to be a not so great with the Resolution, and the table cloth defenitley seems to be on top of table mountain ?

If anyone else comes across some cool places, leave a message in the comment...