. Durbz Blog: August 2007

Please note that this blog has moved to http://www.marcforrest.com

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A new chapter

I have decided after a few long chats with a very clever man, about moving my blog to my own personalised blog and domain. So this will be the last post of a long & exciting chapter that was

From now on this blog will be hosted at http://MarcForrest.com.
I will be focusing on ways to make our lives easier in the internet, and how with mini life hacks we can get this done easier and faster.
Big thanks to everyone who has supported me with Durbzblog, but for now, its time to move on to MarcForrest.com

Don't forget to update your RSS feed to http://www.marcforrest.com/feed/
Catch you on the flipside !!!