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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

How to become a Jew...

The boys over at splattermail have requested you support MTN by phoning them and listening to the funniest thing I have eard all year.
Ok, only kidding, We dont have to support MTN anymore if we dont want to cause I have the wav file in my possesion...Yeahaa...

TO download the funny Indian Jew wanna be, click HERE

Have Fun :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Rate my...

After reading one of the best blogs for the day all about rating thongs & mullets, now comes a new

WARNING --- Not for the Faint hearted

Rate My Poo !!!

Have fun...NOT ~!

I just had to...

Isn't she cute ??

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Monday, February 14, 2005

The Irony...

Cleary BMW cleary didnt have a South African working on their team when then came up with the Idea for a BMW 530 D

[UPDATE]:Made the image smaller, It looked shyte in Firefox

Warning labels on booze

Just read on News24 that the trusty goverment is planning on putting warning labels on Booze.

Just another fanfuckingtastic idea by our trustworthy goverment. Nice one...

Except do you really think that we gonna be SOBER enough to look and be able to read the warning labels, once we are so pissed and legless ?? Go figure.

Some of the "suggested" warning labels include...

  • Alcohol may impair your driving. Don't drink and drive. -> Um, my car goes just dandy when I'm pissed, thanks...
  • Don't drink and walk in the road - alcohol kills. -> Please see above, I dont walk when I drink, I DRIVE
  • Alcohol may increase personal injuries. -> I have never cut myself once while pissed, never even stubbed a toe..sooo
  • Alcohol leads to violence and crime. -> I once saw a woman in Cape Town beating up her husband, must have been the plonk ?
  • Alcohol abuse endangers your health. -> Hey, I'm still halthy. I finished a Case on Friday, and i'm here to tell the tale. Ok, maybe the boep is a give away, but I can still run, sometimes.
  • Alcohol is addictive. -> No shit Sherlock...Thats why Im still pissed...
  • Using alcohol during your pregnancy could be detrimental to your unborn baby. -> Fok dit, my baby was born almost 3 weeks ago, and she is doing just Dandy, THANKS...
Eish, I think I need a drink...

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Google Maps

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I am and always have been a big fan of Google.

But thier latest addition to thier stable Google - Mapsis awesome. Its such a pity that it only it only searches maps in the US, and we can only hope it eventually gets worldwide and maps South Africa to. Imagine how awesome that would be.

But if you ever hungry in New York, and feel the need for Pizza just Click Here, or if you need a it of Gratification in Chicago Click Here, Or Even some Home Loving, click Here

Brillianr Stuff...

Page 3 Girl

For those of you that have been to the UK, i'm pretty sure you must have read The Sun Daily Newspaper.
Luckily they have a page 3 included in their news paper(like most do), which from time to time, exposes 1 one luurevely Lady. Today they have chosen the lovely Keeley from Bromley.

Ahh...the life...

p.s. To see more go here

New SA Blog


This is 1 hilarious blog, Big up guys...Just my kind of humour...

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I suck

I officlaly suck, I havent posted anything in over a week, but its been hectic here.
Promise I will try and find some interesting crap later this week

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Gmail Invites

I got 50 more Gmail invites today...

If anybody wants one...mail me at marcforrest@gmail.com

Cutting Jade - Angels in the Afterglow

My boyz (girl) from Cutting Jade have recorded a single for the Music For Relief Fund for the Tsunami vicitims. The Single is Called 'Angels in the Afterglo'.

It Feautures guest vocals from Tweak, JoDay and Soul Proxy
The single should be available for Download soon, but to hear a clip go here :

Angels in the Afterglow Sample