. Durbz Blog: March 2006

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Monday, March 13, 2006

How SA won the cricket

Google gets spaced out

Today is Percival Lowell's Birthday.
huh, who...

Percival Lowell was a world famous astronomer who thought that there were canals on our sister planet Mars . He spent many years researching Mars, and came up with loads of interesting things about this relativley unknown planet.

Now google has joined the space race, and following on from their mapping of the moon last year, and now have mapped out Mars out for us.

Amazing stuff, allowing us to see all sorts of interesting things, from Lunar Landings to Mountains on our friendly neighbour.

Check it out at Google Mars

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blog Off

Hot on the heels of the SA Blog Awards, (which are being held on the 16th of March) news24.com presents South Africa's first Blog-Off.

"...news24 has decided to pitch the best SA blogs against each other to find the nations top bloggers..."

Interesting with a 5 Grand first prize, 2 and a half K second, and a measly one five clips for third, its defenitly something to be sneered at.

So get entering, and remember when you win, sharing is caring...