. Durbz Blog: October 2005

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Some people are clever...

Came across this website today MillionDollarHomepage.com

Clever Dude. He sells 1 pixel for $1. He has a million pixels on his homepage, so do the maths.
Clever thinking...

Now if only I can think of something to make me rich....

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Boredom Surfing Rocks !!!

Over the last couple of days, I really haven’t felt like working, and aside from reading the hundreds of blogs I have on the right over here ->, I have been browsing the net.
Working for an ISP has its advantages, which allows fully fledged surfing, of which I take advantage of quite often.

So my blog today will be some of the cool things I have found over the last couple of days. Use them or don’t :)

First up in my blog last week, I was amazed at what Apple’s new offering in the iPod, the Video iPod. I was so marveled by this, I ordered myself one from Digicape. Eish, those spur of the moment things. Dunno how the bank manager is going to allow me this one,but eh, its an early Christmas present :).
Watch for the review in about 6 week’s time, once I get it.
I also downloaded the new version of iTunes, which is awesome. Again, still peeved that we can’t buy anything here in SA, so I went and found a new couple of tricks to get me going for my new toy.
First up I wanted to find out how I could convert .avi or .mpg files to .mov files so they can be played on the video iPod. And along came Xilisoft Video Converter. Wow. This thing can convert almost any video format to any video format. Amazing. Of course you need to buy it (cough cough). This had me more intrigued. Now I wanted to download videos to play. This is where Emule WOULD have come in handy, except it has become Shit over the last couple of months, and seems to have really slowed down.
Somehow I came across this page, which is a sneaky sneaky way of downloading music video’s from Yahoo Launch, and converting them into .wmv format. Brilliant. A little bit of work required, but hey. Well worth it.

One of the things required for it to work was something called PKLaunch, which required Greasemonkey for Firefox. WOW. What a cool little app is greasemonkey. It allows you to “install” customized javascript into webpages to make webpages easier to use. A perfect example is adding a delete button to Gmail.

Anyways, I converted a few vid’s and we will see how it goes.
I also came across a website called digg.com which allows users to submit stories and as people read them they get bumped up the list. Another Great site added to my RSS Reader.
From there I came across the world sunlight map. At the top of this site was a link to webcams, which has a collection of private webcams which are open to the public.

Now I think I better get back to work, otherwise I just may never be able to blog again…

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Playing Catchup

Why is South Africa so behind with the times?
I’m specifically referring to ITunes. I mean we have a growing number of IPods being bought here, and Apple have recently gone as far as opening a specialized Apple Shop in Cape Town, and even CherryFlava has covered this topic but it’s still irrititating ?
I still do not have my own IPod (yet!) (hint, hint), but they really have improved their offerings.

Yesterday they launched the new Video IPod, which allows you to download video’s from ITunes Music Store, and view them on your IPod. And Itunes 6 released yesterday, you can download episodes of Desperate Housewives, Lost etc etc.

All very cool, If you live in UK or USA :( Sad…

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Change is as good as a Holiday !

I keep reminding myself I need to start blogging properly. No more posts every month or as I feel like it. So I have taken the first step. Changing the way my blog looks, while it may not be a very big change, and all people who use rss readers will notice a difference, I think it looks cool. I headed on over to http://blogger-templates.blogspot.com/
and got me this cool template. What you think.
More posts to come...I Promise ;)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Tony Hawk

In life, there are couple of things you just have to do.
I'm no skateboarder. In fact I think the last time I was on a skateboard was when I was about 8. And thats a looong time ago. Now, I think my beer collecttion in my stomach prevents me from even seeing the skateboard below me :)

But like I say in life, there are some things you need to do. Which I did on saturday, and took meself off to Gateway to see Tony Hawk and crew. WOW. I'm pretty sure almost every person has heard of this super dude, and boy can he skate. He had a few other guys with him, but he totally rocked.

Gnarly Dude :)

Pics to follow shortly