. Durbz Blog: March 2005

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ironic ?

From News24.com
"On this day
Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd's Nationalist Party wins a whites-only election in South Africa."

"Zimbabweans are going to the polls in landmark elections that President Robert Mugabe hopes will tighten his ruling party's 25-year grip on power."

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Robot saboteur 'deserves death'

"The death penalty would be too mild a punishment for people who tamper with traffic lights, said the Christian Democratic Party..."
Robot saboteur 'deserves death'

Um dewd, get a life...(excuse the pun)
Serioulsy thinking of giving some dork who fucked around with street light(robot) a life sentence...There are rapists, muderers, thiefs and a whole lot of other riff raff in this country, but u reckon the dude who messed the robot, should die...

Serius ??

Thursday, March 17, 2005

SA Blog awards

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Tonight is the night where the winners of the SA Blog Awards will be chosen.
Events happening in Joburg, hosted by the Joblog boys and one in Cape Town Hosted by CherryFlava.

Have fun guys, pity nothing planned yet for Durbz this year, I think due to the fact thier aren't to many bloggers here, but Next year, we will definetley make a plan.

Get very high...

Came across this new SA blog today about 2 guys trying to set a new SA Hot Air Balloon Altitude record -> Two get very high

Turns out the one pilot is Lev David from East Coast Radio here in Durbz.
Could be interesting one to watch, so keep an eye on this blog..

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Samsung D500

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Ahh, I love every 2 years, even though its a wait, it means Vodacom UPGRADE Time.
So this year I opted for the new samsung SGH-D500
WOW...Is all I can say. It was a toss up between the Sony Erricsson S700i, I decided to take the D500.
And I'm really impressed. This is one of samsungs first phones with Bluetooth support, and after getitng me a new dongle, It works like a bomb. The only thing that you can't do, is upload Java Games. But I searched far and wide and Im glad to say that I found some real boffin, who decided to share his secret of how to do it.

Still got lots of playing to do, but if I come across anything interesting, I will make sure I blog it first :)

Here's to another 2 years of waiting :)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bill Gates to get Knighted

Aww, how sweet...
Bill Gates Meets The Queen

NOT !!!

I still wonder what the use of this is, except he can't even be called SIR in the states, and can only use the title K.B.E. (Knight Commander of the British Empire) in the states.

Shame...whats the use dork ?