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Saturday, July 28, 2007

27 Dinners Rock

Last night we had our first 27 Dinner in Durbz, and it was awesome. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to come out and join us, and a BIG BIG thank you to Annice from Immedia who sponsored all the food for the evening. Awesome. Annice did a great chat about the development they have done for East coast radio, and how they have intergarted blogs into the radio. Michael Chadbourne also did an awesome talk about a new open source Maths project he is launching in the next few weeks...watch this space ;)
Also a big thanks to Eran eSquared for sponsoring a gift voucher for one of their amazing t-shirts. Stormhoek sponsored us way way to much wine, which never seems to be a problem ;) The more the merrier... Finally a big thanks to Ciao Itallia for a fantastic venue, everyone loved the vibe & food.

All in all it was an awesome evening, and a big up to Dave & Mike for giving me the opportunity to get this going in durbz. Can't wait for the next one on the 27th September. Book the date !!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome evening, was a lot of fun. Thanks for helping to bring 27 Dinner to Durbs.

Anonymous said...

Eran - you're always in the FRONT of the pics!! why you in the corner in the back on this one? :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Marc, the dinner was tops!

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You guys look like you had the time of your lives.