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Friday, January 12, 2007

South African Blogging

South African people have really cottoned onto the whole blogging scene, from the intimate personal blogs, to the Mommy blogs right down to the boys will be boys blogs.

I have been told recently that I am an RSS whore, and my google reader trends don't lie to me either.
Paul from chillibean recently started the "sablogs tagging project" on del.icio.us. Although I haven't had much time & energy to do this, I have to admit its a great project, and I'm pretty sure it will grow huge.

I do however have my blogroll on the right --> full of only South African blog feeds, check them out, we defenitley have some wierd & wonderful & interesting bloggers out there !


Dave said...

Nice one Marc although I dunno how you get any work done doing so much blog trawling.

PS: I stand to be corrected but I definitely don't think Zuzula from twentysomething is South African and she definitely doesn't live in SA.

Marc said...

Thanks Dave, have changed it :)