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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Goodbye Dad

Exactly 295 days after my mom passed away last year in November, we said goodbye to my Dad on the 12th of September. He had been in hospital for a month, and had been diagnosed with cancer. They removed a growth from his colon, but it had had spread to his lungs & liver. He came out of hospital to my house on the Monday, and passed away peacefully on the Tuesday.

We had become quite close in the last couple of months, and it hurts to know that I don't have either of my parents left, but I am greatful they are together now, wherever they may be.

Goodbye dad, thanks for all you did for us, we gonna miss you ;(


eKapa said...

sorry to hear about your loss. i cannot say that i fully know how much your pain must hurt but am sure that when i get to a similar position of losing a parent, i will understand better.

take care. best of luck.

noodle said...

I too lost my dad, and I appreciate the kind words you left on my blog. These things are so difficult to comprehend, we can only take it one day at a time.

Marc said...

Thanks for the comments guys :)

Tack said...

My regards to entire family.I am sorry for your loss and cherish all your memories