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Monday, March 13, 2006

How SA won the cricket

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BIG TURNER said...

SA won is the importantthing i guess. a good way to end the season, and what a find in Dale Steyn. We alaways knew of his ability, but it finally came through. but to put it in context, he and Makaya bowled well on wckets that assisted the new ball bowlers and that were certainly more bowler friendly, i say this as the NZ opening bowlers also has their fair share of wickets, they all put it in the spot, we did more than them so full credit to Mak nd Dale. At least he is not like the out of control Nel, he (Dale)bowls turns around and bowls and bowls and bowls again. he looks focussed and not flustterd by the big league as he was against AUS in the ODI he played. so he has grown an is a great find find for the future. his real big test will be when he plays on flatter wickets. Cheers cricket fan in CT