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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

South African Mapping

Am most of you know, I am mapping befok. Still want my GPS for Christmas, but one day. Google Maps still leads mapping in my mind in the world, but locally we have a few options. Swoop used to be quite cool, but they seem to have stopped doing much. Now Brabys Mapping have come to the party. WOW. Developed by a local Durban Company, AAT, They do driving directions, which is a big plus in South Africa, and the maps are clear and concise. Only problem that I have is all the silly flashing advertising around the page, but hey I guess someone has to pay the bills.
Bookmark them; you never know when you have to have to drive down to durbz, who knows you may just never get lost again.

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def said...

U must have used shellgeostar.co.za before?
Also does Route Planning, courtesy of maporama.com

I wrote up something here

Maps in South Africa