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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I don't like ranting and complaining, in fact I despise it. I let people do thier jobs, but get really pissed when people don't do it properly.

So I apply for another contract with CellC Direct.

  • Kiff, I should get the new Phone for the wife soon.
  • Wait 1x week, thinking surely something should have happened by now.Um, nothing.
  • Phone Cell C Direct....."
  1. No Sir, your contract has been declined.
  2. "Um, ok. Could you please tell me WHY my contract has been declined ?"
  3. No sir, we cant tell you. Please phone ITC -Start thinking, have I being blacklisted, and why ? Shit in pant.-
  4. Ok, phone ITC, no sir, you have to go online, and get a credit profile.
  5. Go to ITC website, do credit profile(which is very cool by the way), pay my R25 and check through.
  6. Hmm, everything looks good here. No judgements, no nothing. Eish.
  7. Fuck this, im tired of licking your ass.So I go to hellopeter.com and log my rant."
This morning, get a call from a kind young lady at Cell C(Lerato, which coincedently they have 11 Lerato's working at Cell C in the customer Services Department), asking about my rant. I explain the whole story to her, and eventually she sorts it all out. Yey...

So thats my rant, thankfully I think every company has to have at least 1 person who knows what they doing, otherwise this world would be an awful place.

Hellopeter.com is a great website. Both times, that I have logged a problem on it,
the respective companies have come back to me quite soon, and sorted the problem out. Any ranting you need to do about anything, get on over there. It works.


Jenn said...

That is just awesome. You couldn't get that kind of service in the states for sure.

eKapa said...

hellopeter is a firm fav on my bookmarks. people love to bitch and moan; u're doing a good job at it yourself ;-)

seriously though, i turned to that site when i was doing some research on car insurance. unfortunately though, outsurance lost my business.